Colorado Springs Personal Trainer And Lifestyle Engineer

Benjamyn Smith is a Colorado Springs personal trainer who uses a holistic approach to health and fitness. There is so much more to your health than just workout programs and meal plans. We are all a product of our emotional, physical, and mental patterns. If you change your patterns you can change your life. Let him give you the tools you need to build healthy, fulfilling patterns that allow you to create the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Movement Not Exercise

Our regular movement patterns create our physical capabilities. You are built to move efficiently and to navigate complex environments effectively. Your ability to move goes beyond the gym. If you want a strong, mobile body that is resilient and leaves you with energy to do the things you love, then you need to fix your movement patterns. Learn to harness the power of your natural design. Master your body and move with confidence!

Calm Your Mind

All too often we are the biggest hinderance to the things we want. Almost as soon as we tell ourselves we want something the little voice in our head starts telling us why we can’t have it. Your beliefs determine what is possible for you. It doesn’t have to be that way. Learn to break free from limiting beliefs and create perspectives that serve you. Master your mind and build your dream world.

Build Patterns That Serve You

There are many ways to work with Benjamyn! He offers convenient remote coaching, as well as consultations and EFT sessions. Click the LEARN MORE button below to schedule  online sessions. If you’d like to meet in-person please use the contact form below.

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Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful method for moving past limiting beliefs. If you’re having a hard time meeting your goals, EFT is a great tool to help you keep moving forward. Get my free EFT mini-course and learn how you can use EFT for yourself!