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Benjamyn Sitting On The GroundBenjamyn has had an obsession with movement, health, nutrition, and mindset since he was 9 and began competing in swimming. This interest has carried him through many adventures. He has competed in many different sports besides swimming as well as serving in the US Navy where he volunteered for SEAL training. Through all of this hard training, he learned that it was important to prevent injuries when possible and address them when they happened. And that is where his quest for knowledge really started.

Through all of these pursuits, and a strong background in traditional strength and conditioning, he has learned that there is no one thing that keeps a person healthy. It is a collection of our daily physical patterns as well as our mental patterns. This understanding lead Benjamyn to search for a more integrated and holistic approach to fitness than traditional strength training. Traditional strength training has it’s merits, but there are gaps. The answer was MovNat and natural movement.

Understanding that not all barriers to health are physical he also studied EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. Tapping, as it is commonly called, helps move past limiting beliefs that may be preventing progress. Often we are our own worst enemy and sabotage our own efforts. These are mental patterns we have accumulated over the years that often no longer serve us. Learning to release these mental patterns is essential to having a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Benjamyn believes that in order to be healthy and to have the freedom to build the life you want, you have to address the entire person. You cannot just focus on the physical or just the mental. There is no separation between the two.

Benjamyn’s Coaching Philosophy

Benjamyn embraces a movement patterns first mentality. Endurance, strength, and muscle growth are all secondary to building efficient and effective movement patterns. The vast majority of injuries as well as many of the “effects of aging” are often caused by lack of movement and poor movement patterns. Starting with foundational movements and building healthy movement from the ground up is the cornerstone of Benjamyn’s approach.

Why the focus on movement patterns? We tend to think of the way we’re moving only when we’re training. But every time you move, you’re building movement patterns. The more you perform a movement, the more deeply ingrained the pattern becomes. We use these patterns every time we move, not only when we are working out. If you are using poor movement patterns they will eventually add up to pain and injuries. By focusing on learning effective and efficient movement patterns your body can work the way it was designed.

Because of the focus on movement patterns, we start with foundational movements and gradually add complexity and intensity as well as combining movements to not only challenge your muscles, but also challenge your nervous system. This approach will create a stronger, more coordinated body and a mind that is more present during movement. Our minds require novel movement to be healthy, which is something that is very much lacking in the modern gym fitness mentality.

But let’s not forget about the mind! Addressing limiting beliefs from the outset and as they come up is key to establishing beneficial mental patterns. Through the use of techniques like tapping, you can move past the barriers your mind has set in front of you. Benjamyn’s approach is about more than getting in shape. It’s about taking control of your mind and body and using them to build the life you desire.

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