About Benjamyn Smith

Benjamyn Sitting On The Ground

Hello! I’m Benjamyn. I’ve been interested in health and fitness since swimming competitively at age nine. Since then I have become a MovNat level 2 instructor and a certified personal trainer as well an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. I believe that our health is the sum of our patterns. I’m here to share how you can build mental, physical, and emotional patterns that empower you to live inspired!

Physical wellness has always been an interest and I’ve spent huge amounts of time learning and experimenting. Exploring the human potential fascinates me! Over the years my coaching style has evolved. Rather than a classic strength and conditioning approach, I prefer to look at the entire person. Health is more than just sets, reps, and meal plans. I have learned that everything you do, consume, and even the way you think affects your health.

A Life Changing Shift

Unfortunately, I slammed into a new health understanding in September of 2013 when my mom took her own life. This loss really altered my relationship with… well, everything. The things that I thought were important, now just didn’t seem to matter at all. After her passing, I learned so much about my mom that I never knew. She had so many mental demons that she had been wrestling with in secret. And despite so many blessings in her life, she wasn’t able to see a reason to go on.

As I tried to move through this trauma, I reexamined the life I’d created for myself and realized that there were many things I’d just settled for rather than consciously chosen. I was fed up with my job and I’d just been staying in the area I was living because it was convenient, not because I wanted to be there. I wasn’t living the life that I wanted. In fact, I was far from it. My mom’s suicide had given me a new perspective that changed the way I saw the world, and life, forever. Despite everything I knew about health and fitness, I had missed something very important. A lifestyle that I loved.

So much of health and fitness is focused heavily on the external, workout plans, meal prep, etc. But too often it overlooks the lynchpin of the entire system. Our mindset. This makes everything else possible, or impossible. Workout plans and meal prep are important. But if our thoughts and feelings are in disharmony, workout plans and meal prep are just more things on the to-do list. It’s our relationship with ourselves that prevents the lifestyle we want. We can all be our own worst enemies.

Benjamyn’s Coaching Approach

My coaching approach is to look at the whole person. It’s one thing to force yourself through 5 workouts a week. It’s something very different to take a fresh look at your life and evaluate the choices that led you to where you are. Your health is the sum of all your patterns. How are your patterns serving you? I believe in addressing limiting beliefs, making conscious lifestyle choices to encourage the lifestyle you desire, and focusing on movement patterns to not only reverse old bad behaviors but to take you where you want to go, now and in the future.

In my own practice I consider myself a student. I try to maintain a “student first” mindset and by keeping my mind open and curious, I continue to learn new techniques to better help you master your health and fitness. I don’t offer quick fixes or hacks. I offer you tools to take charge of your health and design your own life. I want you to live inspired!