Work With Benjamyn

There are several ways to work with Benjamyn. He offers remote coaching, remote live classes, and remote one-on-one consultations.


EFT Sessions

Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, is a fantastic way to help deal with stress, move through limiting beliefs, or mitigate physical issues. Benjamyn is a certified EFT Practitioner and offers 1 hour EFT sessions to help you meet your goals.

Live Classes

Benjamyn runs weekly live classes on Zoom. They are 1 hour in length and focus on building mobility. They are for all skill levels as the movements can be adapted to your current mobility level.

One-Time Consultations

Need nutrition advice? Want your exercise form evaluated? Maybe you just want a little help building your own program. A One-hour consultation is just what you need!

Monthly Coaching

If you really want to build your movement practice then personalized monthly coaching is where it’s at! Benjamyn works with you to build a custom program to help you meet your movement goals.