Work With Benjamyn

Benjamyn is a movement coach in Colorado Springs, Co. He offers remote coaching. In-person coaching will be considered on a case-by-case basis. He is available for consultation sessions and monthly coaching packages.


One-Time Consultation

Request a one-time consultation to talk about anything related to nutrition, fitness, or to schedule an EFT session. This will be a remote meeting so it’s easy to work into your schedule! The price for a one-hour consultation is $100.

Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching includes personalized workout plans, regular check-in’s, and feedback on workouts. All workouts will be shared through the TrueCoach app. The Price for monthly coaching is $250/month.

Interested In In-Person Coaching?

Benjamyn is located in Colorado Springs, CO. If you are interested in working with him in person please contact him to discuss this possibility.

Where can I contact you?