N Cheyenne Canyon

North Cheyenne Canyon Workshop

• Breathwork • Mobility • Mountain Summits

Come learn to breathe and move better in the beautiful North Cheyenne Canyon in Colorado Springs!

Come out for a full day of fun and learning! The workshop runs from 9 am-3 pm

Breathe Better

Natural, deep, relaxed breathing can dramatically improve your quality of life. It relaxes your nervous system and also allows you to focus. Your breathing patterns can alter your mood and limit your performance. And sadly, most of us breathe inefficiently. Learn simple techniques that can help you reset your breathing patterns and practice using those techniques while moving. It’s all well and good to have ideal breathing when you’re at rest, but if it all falls apart when you’re exerting yourself, you’re losing good breathing patterns when they’re most needed!

Move Better

Our ability to move greatly affects our ability to do the things we love. It’s not normal to feel stiff or be in pain. Our daily movement habits have created this situation, but it can be corrected! The pattern of sitting, so common in our culture, causes our hips to tighten significantly. This alters the way we stand and walk, but walking can be great medicine for tight hips. Learn how to release your hips to get the most out of walking and send your body down the path of recovery.

Mt Cutler Summit

To The Summit

Apply your new breathing techniques and your freshly improved mobility on a hike up to the summit of Mt Cutler. You’ll learn to control your breathing while moving and how to move efficiently to continue to improve your mobility while walking.

We’ll be hiking from the bottom of North Cheyenne Canyon Park so the hike is about 5 miles round trip and the summit is ~7,000′. Please be physically able to complete this hike before signing up.

I will have water available in the parking lot but you’ll need to bring your own water bottle for the hike. We’ll also be having lunch at the summit so bring something to eat!

Since the whole workshop will be outside, please dress appropriately for the weather. Bring layers, sunscreen, etc. to be well prepared for the day.

This is a casual hike with breaks for instruction so count on the workshop lasting all day. We will meet in the parking lot at 9 AM!

This Workshop is kept to small numbers so I can offer more attention to each attendee. If you no-show it is likely I will not allow you to attend future workshops. If you cannot make the workshop, please contact me to cancel so someone else can have your spot.

I will be accepting donations for this workshop. It is free to you, but if you feel like supporting future workshops I appreciate whatever you care to donate. I look forward to sharing this experience with you!